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Kingfox has been playing World of Warcraft since 2005, playing in the same guild for all but a few months. He has been a class representative, an officer, a co-GM, an executive officer, and a guild master. He compensates for his lack of utility due to playing a pure DPS class by providing selfless service to his guildies.

Trunchok drops totems. Sometimes.

Chris Stave is the producer of Hard Enrage. While having never played World of Warcraft, he was actually paying attention during most of the conversations he has heard about it. Chris is excited to get Kingforks and Rothrock on schedule for their podcast.

Brian is the engineer and editor. His love of internet gaming started in the 90’s with the MUD he played on and ran for many years. He met his wife there, and resisted the allure of MMORPGs until World of Warcraft came along and he lost a bet with his roommate’s girlfriend. He earned his WoW raiding stripes in 40 person Molten Core, back when Ony attunement was hard and you did UBRS in your sleep… literally. A holy priest for most of his career, Kingfox’s guild was kind enough to tolerate him as an officer for a while. Brian is pleased to be bringing more than a decade of IT and AV experience to bear for the vocal stylings of Kingfox and Trunchok. Long live the Blue Murloc!

Steve, creator of the theme song, has neither seen nor played World of Warcraft. For a long period of time he was under the belief that the game takes place in a world called Azamat, but later realized that is the name of Sacha Baron Cohen’s partner-in-crime in the movie Borat. He has also never listened to a podcast before.

Photo taken by Jay Barnes.

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