Hard Enrage 7 – End of Expansion Burnout

While a blizzard impeded us from talking about Blizzard, we have returned to talk about the new features announced at BlizzCon. We discuss the addition of Pokémon to World of Warcraft, PVE scenarios, the reintroduction of world bosses, and the possibility of stats being scaled down.

With the new expansion coming, the often-talked about subject of burnout is on the mind. Worse than your typical end of raid cycle dropoff, it’s tough running a raid group or guild when everyone’s got their eyes on the next big thing. Raiders fear they’ll just replace any gear while leveling in the new world, they might intend to switch mains for the expansion, or they might just want to take a break before diving back into WoW with both feet. We attempt to cover how to identify the extent of the problem, and how best to deal with it.

Hard Enrage 6 – Tier 12 content nerfs

Firelands was nerfed. Drastically. With little warning. On both normal and heroic. Without new content available to replace it, and not long after it was released.

Kingfox and Trunchok QQ at length about the nerfs, discussing why we’re not happy about them. Instead of happily trouncing content, we feel robbed at easily defeating bosses we’d been challenged by. The decision to do so now, before the next raid cycle was even available on the PTR, we object to; as well as nerfing heroic modes. We debate nerfs in general, and discuss how hard it is to keep raiders motivated when content is so heavily nerfed.

We also discuss the 4.3 PTR, including the distribution of tier gear and upcoming class changes.

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