Hard Enrage 7 – End of Expansion Burnout

While a blizzard impeded us from talking about Blizzard, we have returned to talk about the new features announced at BlizzCon. We discuss the addition of Pokémon to World of Warcraft, PVE scenarios, the reintroduction of world bosses, and the possibility of stats being scaled down.

With the new expansion coming, the often-talked about subject of burnout is on the mind. Worse than your typical end of raid cycle dropoff, it’s tough running a raid group or guild when everyone’s got their eyes on the next big thing. Raiders fear they’ll just replace any gear while leveling in the new world, they might intend to switch mains for the expansion, or they might just want to take a break before diving back into WoW with both feet. We attempt to cover how to identify the extent of the problem, and how best to deal with it.

Hard Enrage 4 – Raid performance tracking websites

We speculate about the recent trademarking of “Mists of Pandaria” by Blizzard, and the screenshot posted to Facebook of Ethereals.
Edit: Since the episode was recorded but before it was posted, the Void Storage and Transmogrifier were both explained. See how close we got to the truth, and make fun of our wild theories.

For those leading raids or eager to become a better raider, we respond to listener Jeir and discuss how to log and analyze combat logs. LoggerHead, World of Logs, Compare Bot, Spec Score, and State of DPS are all discussed.

Kingfox reviews RaidBuffStatus and is again shamed for not using his N52.