Hard Enrage 9 – Raiding in the age of LFR

Now that LFR’s been available for a while, we’ve gotten a chance to see its effect on raiding culture. It offers a quick and simple alternative to traditional raiding. But when players have the ability to kill Deathwing without much difficulty, on their own schedule, it’s harder to find and keep raiders in a raiding group. We explore some of the problems with LFR, some of the advantages of traditional raiding, and discuss how to keep your roster full.

Trunchok reviews Power Auras Classic, and we cover the latest World of Warcraft news.

Hard Enrage 8 – Exploiting in 4.3

The (planned) final raid content of Cataclysm is out, and we can finally get revenge on Deathwing for not giving us Stood in the Fire earlier. The race to world first for this tier began, and some guilds tried to take a shortcut through the LFR system. Some of the exploits used in the past by raiding guilds are reviewed, in comparison with this source of additional loot.

LFR’s impact on the game will be interesting to observe. Is this a victory for the 99%, as Blizzard suggests? What will this mean for those trying to keep a raid group together when LFR provides an alternative? Does it matter that the alternatives are faceroll easy?

Hard Enrage 4 – Raid performance tracking websites

We speculate about the recent trademarking of “Mists of Pandaria” by Blizzard, and the screenshot posted to Facebook of Ethereals.
Edit: Since the episode was recorded but before it was posted, the Void Storage and Transmogrifier were both explained. See how close we got to the truth, and make fun of our wild theories.

For those leading raids or eager to become a better raider, we respond to listener Jeir and discuss how to log and analyze combat logs. LoggerHead, World of Logs, Compare Bot, Spec Score, and State of DPS are all discussed.

Kingfox reviews RaidBuffStatus and is again shamed for not using his N52.

Hard Enrage 3 – Loot Systems

Whether your raid group does it for the people or the purples, you need to have a reasonable system to give the loot out. This episode we discuss a variety of loot systems, including Suicide Kings, DKP, loot council, and the ever popular /roll. We debate their strengths and weaknesses, and how to tell when you have a loot system that isn’t working for your team. If there’s behavior you would like to reinforce in your group, a loot system can be an effective carrot to do so.

Also, we mention WoW Lemmings as a follow-up to our recruitment episode.

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Hard Enrage 2 – Recruitment

Is your guild trying to blaze your way through Firelands but needs some fresh blood to follow in DREAM Paragon’s footsteps? Everyone wants to join a top guild, but how do you fill out your raiding roster when your guild is not the hotshot of your realm?

This week Kingfox and Trunchok discuss what recruitment methods have worked best for them, and how to ensure your recruit is not a jerk who stands in the fire.

Trunchok reviews his favorite accessory, the Belkin Nostromo SpeedPad n52. Finally, we read your mail.

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Hard Enrage 1 – Scheduling

Our premiere episode is ready. Thank you to Steve for the theme song, Brian for his engineering and fantastic editing work, and our producer Chris!

This week we introduced ourselves, covered raiding news and hotfixes relevant to raiders, reviewed the addon Inline Aura, and discussed the problematic issue of scheduling raids.