Hard Enrage 8 – Exploiting in 4.3

The (planned) final raid content of Cataclysm is out, and we can finally get revenge on Deathwing for not giving us Stood in the Fire earlier. The race to world first for this tier began, and some guilds tried to take a shortcut through the LFR system. Some of the exploits used in the past by raiding guilds are reviewed, in comparison with this source of additional loot.

LFR’s impact on the game will be interesting to observe. Is this a victory for the 99%, as Blizzard suggests? What will this mean for those trying to keep a raid group together when LFR provides an alternative? Does it matter that the alternatives are faceroll easy?

Hard Enrage 6 – Tier 12 content nerfs

Firelands was nerfed. Drastically. With little warning. On both normal and heroic. Without new content available to replace it, and not long after it was released.

Kingfox and Trunchok QQ at length about the nerfs, discussing why we’re not happy about them. Instead of happily trouncing content, we feel robbed at easily defeating bosses we’d been challenged by. The decision to do so now, before the next raid cycle was even available on the PTR, we object to; as well as nerfing heroic modes. We debate nerfs in general, and discuss how hard it is to keep raiders motivated when content is so heavily nerfed.

We also discuss the 4.3 PTR, including the distribution of tier gear and upcoming class changes.

Did we QQ too much? Let us know!